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Theresa Dorsey
Name Theresa Dorsey
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About Me I am a retired teacher, taught for 24 years and was a sub for 4 years.
Theresa Dorsey
Message from Ellen
443 days ago

Hello Ellen,
I watch you every day and love you for what you do to help those who need your help. You are such an inspiration and love you very much for all you do. You make my day. Keep up the good work you do for everyone who needs your help.

Theresa Dorsey
Message from Ellen
457 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I watch your show every day and enjoy every minute of it. You are such an inspiration. You help so many viewers In need of help.
theresa.dorsey@sbcgobal,net, hope to hear from you soon

Theresa Dorsey
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588 days ago

HI, Ellen
I have entered your 12 days giveaway. I didn't win but I am very happy for the ones that did.
I watch your show everyday and really enjoy it, you always make me laugh, especially when I am down. I am divorced and making it on my teacher retirement, which is hard but you always lift up my spirits when I'm down. Love you, you bring laughter in my life. Hope you have a very merry Christmas. Love Theresa from San Antonio, Texas