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Name Theresa
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About Me I'm 62 and retired on disability with sever lung problems. My husband also is disabled with heart and lung problems. So tv is a big part of our day but watching your show always makes us smile.
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215 days ago

Hello ellen, my name is kaylee, my grandmother watches your show every day. She wrote to you many times too. I just wanted to tell you about my aunt that could use your help desperetly. She is a single mother of 3 girls and she just got a job from being out of work for 2-3 years. She is having a hard time making ends meet and giving the kids what they need. Her car is very old, with over 200,000 miles on it with that black cloud that has been over her head for about 3 years and with her luck it will break down and their will be no way to work. And with christmas coming their wont be enough left for christmas because all of her bills, my grandparents helped her in the past but they are disabled so they have tried but they cant, i see how you help many other people and it would be great if you helped my aunt. 
                    Love kaylee