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Thea Nelson-Jerry
Name Thea Nelson-Jerry
Location Auburn, Washington
Joined 224 days ago
Hobbies I love to go to the dog pound and look at all the animals even though I cant get anymore pets in my house.
About Me I love to watch Ellen and have an hour of laughter with her. I feel like she is one of my lifetime friends I have watched her in all these years, even the T.V show called Ellen and her stand up. I would have signed up earlier but I didn't know how to do the twitter account part. I work full time as a receptionist and I am in school to get my Bachelors Degree at nights and all the while I have four kids five fish,two cats, one chihuahua and a white sheppard at home. I love to laugh and see other people happy I believe that laughter and happiness heals all wounds and I live by those words. it keeps me lookin young and enables me to spread joy to whoever I can.
Thea Nelson-Jerry
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Matt LeBlanc!
197 days ago

Ellens show has changed my life!!! Ellen keeps me smiling in the most rainyest (is that a word?) place on earth. It is so gloomy here in Auburn, Washington, but when I sit down after work and school to watch my DVR'd Ellen episodes it is a sunnier that a word??? My teenagers sit and we actually have something in common and we all have a great time laughing and learning to be greatful I love how your smiling face reaches us in our living room every day and lifts any tension or stress that previously lingered there. Your love and charity is true testament that our world can be a better place one person at a time and it is cool to love our Mother Earth! Thank you for the inspiration to do good Ellen you are the greatest!

Thea Nelson-Jerry
You Write, Ellen Responds!
211 days ago

Hi Ellen I was just wondering how you came about to love the gift of giving? was someone really nice to you, or mean ect. or did you grow up poor? I grew up in a large family and we never had much so now as an adult I always give what I can when someone is in need. At one time in my life I decided that if I was doing well I would help others, and so I have become that way. I struggle with four kids still home, but I always see a need somewhere that our family can help with and encourage all my children to do the same.