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Tessa King
Name Tessa King
Location loudon, Tn
Age 30
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Hobbies Horseback riding, Singing, Playing with my lil boys, dancing. Just havin fun!
About Me I am a 4ft 10 spitfire, single mother of 3 lil wild , sweet boys.Recently divorced, thank God lol!!Let's just say that I should have done it sooner. Only good that came out of it was our 3 kids who are2,4, and 5. I love an adventure and I love Ellen, she inspired me. I had a really rocky past but, it was all for a reason! I have been reaching out to other's who where addicts and still are. I want to help make a change in anyway possible! I want to make a difference so bad! But it is hard starting over yourself! But besides all that I have amazing parents who have givin me nd my children a roof over heads, and also a huge family outside my parents. They are all amazing people and forgiving! I said all that to say, I love my family for loving me unconditionally andi am very blessed! I wish I could do more in return for all they have done for me and help more to those r in need. To rap me up...I just want to help more and love bigger, and be unforgettable somehow!