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Ellen, I am not happy with this year's Cat week. You aren't doing enough to celebrate cats. You only devote about 5 minutes to cat week and then move on to other funny stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love the other funny stuff. However in my humble opinion, cats are a sacred animal and should be revered as such. If you go to my FB page Tess Price Phd you will see that I post stuff about cats EVERYDAY! It is Cat Year 365/24/7 on my FB page!!! I saw today's show where you had a little stuffed cat for Amy Poller, but seriously? That was lame. It was cute but lame. You need some real cats. Show off breads! Do a CAT SHOW where everything is dedicated to cats. Show designer cat toys, collars and litter boxes. Give away cat food! Talk about responsible pet ownership. Better yet, you could make a donation to a charity that has helped me to feed my cats when I was unemployed -- I am unable to donate to them, but I wish you would on my behalf. Even better, find a cat food/dog food/litter company that will make donations. Signed, Crazy Cat Lady