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Tess Perez
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Tess Perez
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606 days ago

Hi Ellen I been watching you for mean mean year and you help a lot of people over the years,Ellen this year was the worst year I ever head,they say god don't give you more then you can take but I hit bottom I don't have a car to go any any ware,but when I ask my mom. And I'm sickly they put me to sleep every two week. And I have alot more problem. Can you help me any with a car it can be a use one. I hate asking anybody for help.

Tess Perez
Message from Ellen
619 days ago

Ellen I been watching you for many many years I love you and your show,I had a bad year I would to win something to have something good happened to me this year.I used to live in Westwego La but we moved to Robert La now. I would to see you on your show!!! :-):-):-)