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Terry Wiedmann
Name Terry Wiedmann
Location Noblesville, IN
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Hobbies Quilting, Crafting, painting
About Me I am a widow with two grown sons and a little Pomeranian that is my best buddy. I am on Social Security Disability and supplement my income, when I can, with my crafts. I love watching Ellen because she always brightens my day!
Terry Wiedmann
Day 1 of 12 Days, and Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine!
231 days ago

I would like to sign up for the $5000.00 Visa Gift Card. Besides being able to buy my family gifts for the first time in 4 years, it would allow me to "pay it forward" which I have always wanted to do!!!!

I hope this qualifies as a sign up!!
Thank you.
Terry Wiedmann
14742 Sir Barton Drive, Apt. B
Noblesville, IN 460...60

Terry Wiedmann
Message from Ellen
430 days ago

Dear Ellen,

You here this all the time, but I really am one of your greatest fans!!! I have sent you a video via snail mail because I couldn't figure out how to send via the internet. It is very important to me that you watch it. My family could use one of the miracles you work every day for people! I love watching you help other people and the joy in your eyes while you do it! Keep up the great work!!! I love you!!!!!

Terry Wiedmann

Terry Wiedmann
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
585 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I missed yesterdays show because of the tragedy in Connecticut. I my were glued to the news as I cried and prayed for everyone affected by the loss of so many wonderful young people. I will try and watch the show on my computer although it does not always cooperate with my viewing TV or movies very well. I love, love, love Hugh Jackman and hated missing him as well. Keep up the good work. I love watching the smiles and happy faces that you cause with your giving of gifts!!
Terry Wiedmann