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Name Terry
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Hobbies Gardening, arts and crafts kind of person. Learned how to snowboard. Have been doing unique nail art. My early videos are on you tube and facebook.
About Me My husband had been hurt on the job and has had a long road to get back to where he can do and earn money to support us. Our lives were put on hold. I waited tables for many years to make ends meet. I'm getting older and that kind of work takes a toll on you. I can only imagine what this person and their family are going through. I'm sure they are struggling. I know we struggled for many years.I thought you might be able to brighten their day.
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
222 days ago

I'm not sure if I had given you enough info on the man that had been ran over by an 18 wheeler. It happened 8-10-2012 on I 90 east of Bozeman Montana. When the story was aired briefly on the news later that night I believe they had said the man was from Butte Montana. Hope that you can brighten their holiday this year.

A Big Inspiring Family Gets an Even Bigger Surprise
237 days ago

I wanted to share a story with you, about someone that maybe in need. I saw an accident in August of 2012. I don't know what the out come of it all was, and feel that the person in the accident has had a long and tough year. A man was ran over by an 18 wheeler in a construction zone. I saw it happen and my boys and I called 911.