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Terrika Stallings
Name Terrika Stallings
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Hobbies Computer,Husband & Kids
About Me Am a mother of six beautiful and handsome kids that i will give my last too. And my loving husband of 16 years.
Terrika Stallings
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600 days ago

Hey Ellen, My name is Terrika Stallings .Am a mother of six loving kids that I love so much and a husband that I been married to for 15 years and counting. Am we have been struggling for these past couple of years and we need a blessing .We have lost jobs because no transportation.

Terrika Stallings
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601 days ago

Hey Ellen, My name is Terrika.Am a mother of six kids and i been trying all i can to enter that do i no some one who deserve a christmas. I to get achan e to win that because this year i want be able to get my kids anything for christmas hurt me to my heart not just because i just dont have the money. They have really been.doing a lot in school and making good grades,doing they chores,and helping me with th EU sister and brothers.We all have really been thru a lot this year anx i would to put a smile on there faces.because raising six kids is hard and a struggle.but my husband and i get by.

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