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About Me Stay at home wife searching for a job. I love my family and friends. My husband is my rock. He always tries to make me laugh even when things are bleak. He works so hard to give us a place to rent and put food on our table. We live on a very tight budget and don't go anywhere but have gotten used to meager living. We are happy with each other and that's the most important thing to us!
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601 days ago

I would love to see Ellen in person. I have been watching for many years and just love, love, LOVE her show!! Are there any tickets left for the 12 days of Giveaways? If I can get 2, and surprise my husband Kenny, he would....well I think he would probably cry from happiness just to meet Ellen and experience the show live, plus the giveaway would be great for us right now because we can't afford Christmas this year because I don't have a so many other people in the same boat. Wow! That sure was a run-on sentence! If we can't get tickets, I will completely understand. Happy Holidays to everyone at the Ellen show! Love, Terri and Kenny Young :) p.s. Ellen keep making us laugh and dance amidst our worries and hardship during this season of love!