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Terri Passarello
Message from Ellen
589 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I am now rewriting my last comment to you for I never received an email verification regarding my comment as stated below.
I was entered on your website for the next days giveaways when a window opened up and asked me to enter my zip code..I did..then another window popped open and stated that I was the winner for florida for a $1000.00 American Express Gift Card to enter my info and follow instructions which I did. After everything was entered I window opened up for me to purchase free gifts for $1.00..I closed out the windows and reopened the 12 Days of Christmas entry form. Upon doing this a box opened and stated that I had won a $500.00 Best Buy Card to enter my info..I did this again and yet another box opened requesting me to choose which free gift I wanted to purchase for $1.00. I again closed out the windows and am now commenting you to ask if this was all true or bogus ads on your webpage when you enter your info for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways.
thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you will let me know if it was all bogus.