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Teri Flores
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About Me Single mom to a high school student getting ready to send him off to college.
Teri Flores
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233 days ago

Thank you Ellen for what you do and showing people that giving back is worth more than receiving. You have been inspiring me and my friends to do the same for the past 10 months. Love you!

Teri Flores
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
462 days ago

Teri Flores here, The Sandy Hook Concert Benefit in San Antonio, Texas was held on Friday, March 29th. Heart2Heart4U (our new non-profit organization was able to raise $3000. to help pay for some of the costs of the headstones for the children's graves. It was a successful event and we are currently working on another fundraiser now to help with raising money for victims of an apartment fire at the Castlewood Condominiums in San Antonio, Texas. We currently have a website up now. Thank you. Another act of kindness and helping those in need. :)