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teresa stone
Name teresa stone
Location pendleton, s.c.
Age 53
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Hobbies dancing, grandkids , family, ellen
About Me I am 51 and I keep my grand babies for free because they cant afford anyone to keep them i also take care of my mother, I lost my father to cancer 5 years ago dec, i lost my brother to a heart attack 5 years ago he was 50 my mother has had it hard and she has been sick for 30 years, she needs something too cheer her up she is a great woman
teresa stone
And the Day 11 Winners Are...
619 days ago

I would love for me and my mother too win your 12 day give aways she is very sick and she watchs u every day please let her have a little fun with u

teresa stone
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
619 days ago

Ellen my name is Teresa I have a son that works very hard and he cooks and even does side jobs to help he has 2 kids 1 boy Kaleb and a daughter named Karleigh she is very sick she has mowat wilson sysdrom there r only 180 cases in the world, she has too have operation she has a feeding tube and she will have open heart before long she is only 18 months old she cant gain weight, they really need help could u please see what u can do too help them , they r going to have to have a house with ramps and stuff to help her she has 3 therapist coming to there home too help her she might walk but if she does it will be in here 4 r 5 years old she is going to need all kinds of disabilty housing that they dont have and where they live there is no room i keep them for free because no one will because of her health can u find a way too help them, can u get the guy to help build them a home he has land please help them, she has a facebook page it is Karleigh journey, please read thanks