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Teresa Rayas Ventura
Name Teresa Rayas Ventura
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Hobbies Movies, Entertainment parks, Music and Gardening.
About Me I'm married, have 2 children, currently unemployed and like to spend quality time with husband and family. Would love to see the Ellen show in person and take my Mother with me since she doesn't get to go out much due to finances. Would love to get tickets for the 12 days of Christmas. Is it possible?
Teresa Rayas Ventura
Message from Ellen
210 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I've enjoyed all your shows, especially the one for Halloween. Most of all I Love it when you DANCE. "I dance with you". You make me laugh , cry and I am SO VERY proud to see people like you with such a BIG Gifted HEART that just gives, over and over again.
Hoping to see you in person some day. May the New Year bring you continuous JOY, LAUGHTER and WEALTH.

God Bless and Take Care

Teresa Rayas Ventura
Quotes of the Week
619 days ago

Hi Ellen,

Just wanted to ask, what got you so inspired to be so giving. I mean was there a moment or person that touched your life of which molded you to be whom you are now. I know it has to come from your tender loving heart within. Was just wondering if something or someone really made an impact on you, that it truly changed your whole persona and felt the need to reach out and grasp families and be their showering angel of thoughtfulness.

Your Fan who always cries because you care.

Teresa R. Ventura