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Teresa Kleffel
Name Teresa Kleffel
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Hobbies drawing, watercolor painting, blackjack, knitting, needlepainting
About Me 47 year old mother of 7 awesome children, youngest is 22,including 3 stepchildren, and grandmother to 6! happily married for 27 years after getting engaged 2 weeks after meeting! I have been held at gunpoint twice during robberies at restaurants I have managed, and now I actually just got a job at a bank! I have a great outlook on life, I believe. For every "bad" thing that has happened...I always seem to end up with the best possible result in the end. In 2009, my husband had a stroke and quadruple bypass but now his heart is stronger than ever, months later my son had a massave and was not expected to live. he walked out of the hospital 3 weeks later. He can no longer speak but has done ok with speech therapy...and 3 months after that my husband was diagnosed with cancer and is now cancer free! It has been crazy but also very meaningful and for some reason I remain blessed! Anway...thought I had some interesting things to share! You asked!! haha