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Teresa Horne
Name Teresa Horne
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About Me I had cervical cancer then I ended up with nerve damage. My husband got in bad car wreck so he really cant work. Im on disability. I need a car it has 257,000 miles. My legs r really bad cant walk much. Our Lord Jesus Christ gives me Strength Everyday. Need to on your show.
Teresa Horne
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233 days ago

I love watching youf show. I've been writing to you and telling u different things thats been going on with my husband and I. But if u have I forgot to tell u hd cant drive because he lost his license. It cost too much for us to save because all we have is my disability and he can't work cause of his health with all those operations and him in and out of hosp. We owe thousands cause no ins on him. Our Lives r a mess. But we havd Jesus that keeps us going Everyday. We need a handy cap van for my chair and those hand gears because I almost ran into 3 cars on Friday, cause my legs didnt want to work. My husband NEEDS HIS LICENSE. Its like 4 5 thousand I cant drive much more. PLEASE HELP

Teresa Horne
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234 days ago

I love watching your show. My husband and I could REALLY use your help to help us with our bills. He cant work due to being in the hospital on and off for Years because of Bad car accident. Im on disabilty. Really bad legs I have Radiculopathy nerve damage. My car 267,000 miles. I need a van for my powerchair and a handy cap hand control. Im trying to keep my Faith, he keeps me going. We have Thousands in bill. No ins for husband. HELP.

Teresa Horne
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239 days ago

Hi Ellen, my name is Teri. I would love to be on your show. I've been trying to win tickets for the Christmas one. Im on disability dure to having cervical cancer in 1998. Radiation had gave me damage to my legs and feet. But, Jesus gives me Strength, and my Faith is Excellent. My husband has been out of work for years cause of car wreck 7 years. We struggle for years tring to pay bills and our rent in a trailor. Please consider us for the show or help. Im 54 my husband is Jonathan. He needs surgery but drs wont do it cause no insurance.We need advice and help. May u guys be Blessed Always. Xxxxoooo