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Message from Ellen
57 days ago

My husband and I live in a very old farm house. This is the house I grew up in. We will be married 25 yrs this September. But, we've had some major repairs we had to redo the drive way- which is a separate payment 10 yr loan. Now our only bathroom has to get pumped out by septic company every other month or so, we need a new $8,000-10,000 septic system. We just can't do this right now. Our goal is that our Marine son and daughter in law who are stationed in Okinawa will buy our house when they are done-but that's 4 more years my daughter in law just signed up for another 4 yrs. Plus, they are now expecting our first grandchild in December. Rest of the money we would go visit them after the baby is born early 2015. I see you make dreams come true everyday. Not sure if a new septic system and seeing our first grandbaby qualifies but, I love telling people I'm going to be a Grandma so thanks for listening. Luv you Ellen, Teresa Heidel

Teresa Heidel
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170 days ago

My mom who has MS and Alzheimer's in the nursing home loves to was the Ellen's show with me, she really loves it when Ellen dances. :)

Teresa Heidel
Jessica Biel, and the 1st Day of 12 Days!
573 days ago

I would totally admit I would love to meet Jessica Biel. My husband and kids grew up watching 7th Heaven and even the re-runs now. But, mostly, Ellen I would so love to meet you, as my mom as been in the nursing home 9 yrs this Christmas with MS and alszheimers she is only 69 yrs old. My father was killed 4 yrs ago on our property on a 4 wheel roll over getting ready to go hunting. My only sibling brother was killed when he was 21 yrs old that was 27 yrs ago, I was 20, now 47. This leaves only me to visit mom which my timing of visits are 4pm most days and we watch ELLEN together many times... She always laughs and points to the TV when you dance sometimes. Thank you for making memories... I would love to meet you someday, if you ever get to La Crescent Mn. Merry Christmas!!!