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Teresa Giori-Mayo
Name Teresa Giori-Mayo
Location Buckeye, AZ
Age 50
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Hobbies stained glass, playing pinochle
About Me I am retired (I started saying that when my husband retired), I have a wonderful husband, 2 sons, a step-daughter and 2 grandchildren. I love all the wonderful things Ellen does for others in need!!
Teresa Giori-Mayo
Message from Ellen
227 days ago

Ellen, I just want to let you know that my husband and I have always loved your show. I want to thank you because now my husband is going through chemo therapy and we are home if we aren't at doctors. You make us smile and laugh; thank you! I too love to dance; but to make matters worse, my leg is in a brace because I need a knee replacement but can't have it done until my husband has a major surgery in January and he'll have a four month recovery. Again, thank you, you are a happy part of our day!!

Teresa Giori-Mayo
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
547 days ago

Ellen, wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration!! I would love the chance to join you; this is a special week because the day before your birthday we would have been celebrating my mom's birthday. Ironically, it is also the day my husband and I met....15 years ago!! Enjoy!!

Teresa Giori-Mayo
Have You Been Inspired to 'Play It Forward'?
563 days ago

My son (a college student) got inspired to go above and beyond when he heard his apartment management company was doing a food drive for a local Food Pantry right before Christmas. He heard that the Pantry services 3 towns in his area and they usually have 3 months of food on hand but were now down to 3 weeks. Rather than just throwing a few cans in the collection box, he was motivated to have a bigger inpact. He started calling all his family and friends for money donations so he could buy food. He also asked me if I would be giving him his usual Christmas money gift because he wanted to include that in the food donation. Wow, I was so impressed. After 3 days he managed to raised $850.00. He sent an email out to everyone, which said: "Hello, I just wanted to send an email personally thanking everyone for their generosity. After 3 days of collecting we raised 850 dollars!! This allowed me to purchase 715 food items at various stores. Everything totaled a jaw-dropping 764 pounds of food (discluding packaging) and 878,000 calories. This food will go to HVCC food pantry where it is urgently needed. Purchases include, peanut butter, pasta, tuna fish, canned hams, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, fruit ****tail, pineapples slices, juice, pancake mix, cereal, rice and much more! While the problems we face in the 21st century may feel daunting if we band together we can make big things happen. As cliche as that sounds this eye-opening experience makes me whole-heartedly believe it. Please take a look at the photos that I attached. Good job everyone!
-Mike" (I wish I could include a picture here of the mountain of food he bought!)
If one college student can do this, imagine what we all can do if we took a little time and effort!! Signed "A proud mama"