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Teresa Bardell
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181 days ago

Hi Ellen

My name is Teresa Bardell and I am writing to tell you about my mom Ellen Rice. She is so unbelievably selfless that a lot of the time I have to remind her to think about herself sometimes and not others.
She has gone in great lengths and debt helping others including myself and for someone that has Lupus, Sarcoidosis and fibromyalgia and living on disability that is a lot. She never thinks about that and is always willing to bring someone under her roof to help them get back on their feet. Seems like the more she gives the less she gets but she says all the time God will provide, and I guess He does.
At 28 I moved back home to help her with my 8 year old autistic, intellectual disability sister, my step mother who is Schizophrenic and an older sister who is also intellectual disability as well. On to of all that I myself am agoraphobic and also receive disability and that isn't much money to help very much but I am willing to help whatever way I can.
What I would like is for you to give her s shout out or a call, she is always talking about coming on your show to dance with you. i guess that is one of the few things that I can do that will not cost us too much. There are so many people out there that she has helped we call her the old lady that lives in a shoe, well Ellen ,I can't say I'm always happy about what she does but I can't stop her.
You can reach me at 864-451-9655 or
Thank you
Teresa Bardell