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Tenzin Lama
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About Me Originally I am Tibetan but I was born in India. In 1999 me and my grand father moved to Nepal. My mom died when I was 6 and my father loved my mom so much he started drinking and he drank him self to death, left my older sister, me and my younger sister with my grand parent. My grand mother died when I was in tenth grade. After that one of my aunt asked to put one of the girl in monastery so it will be easy on my grandfather. So, my little sister become nun. She got sick after two years, got tuberculosis and was in bed for five years, by then I had a job and I was married. My younger sister was in India sick and my grandfather was helping her and I was in Nepal. I brought them to Nepal so I can help her and help my grandfather some what. By the time she got here in Nepal it was to late and I lost her. A month before she died I found out I got tuberculosis and I was in bed for nine months. I don't know why maybe my husband thought I will die too like my sister, he kick me and my grandfather out of house. I had relatives that I could go to but they thought if they let me be and where I was then my husband might take me back. So, I had no where to go. I don't know how I pass that time don't remember much but I came out of this sickness and I got my job back. I am taking care of my grandfather and myself. Then I made Adam and I followed him to America. My grand father is still in Nepal, I send money to my grandfather every month and I go to visit him every year. It's not easy to support two-family, one myself here in America and other my grandfather who lives in Nepal but everybody has to make it and I am making it too. some day sun might shine in my life :)