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Tenelle Cunningham
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About Me Im a military spouse..i have this time in my life im holding down the fort while my husband is away..
Tenelle Cunningham
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643 days ago

Ellen your show is so funny ..i was feeling down when i turned to your show.then immediately i was laughing again before i knew husband also was a marine for 12 years we came back to our hometown then he joined the army national guard within the same he is away at school getting ready for a 9month deployment ..he left me in aug this year..won't be back until feb next year then 9month deployment in april next year..i would love to spend a special day away with him before he deploys at your show with your teams help..i cried after watching that military family can be so hard at times with them being gone so long trying to take care of there family...thank u guys for supporting military families..