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Temple Phillips
Name Temple Phillips
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Hobbies sports. soccer mostly, but love a good game of softball and volleyball on the beach. And well, for exercise I dance at home while I pray! Lovin Life!
About Me I'm 43 years old, single white female. This sounds like a want ad. Read my hobbies! And about me? I love my family, my friends and all the many animals that come in and out of my life on a daily basis! I am grateful to be alive. I haven't always been able to say that! God Bless the World! xoxo
Temple Phillips
Lauren Graham, Michelle Obama, Phillip Phillips, and Sophia Grace & Rosie Have Tea with Justin Bieber!
612 days ago

I wish I had tv. Actually I wish I had a lot of things, but that isn't the point here is it? lol
I have been watching Parenthood online the last couple nights I couldn't sleep. Gut wrenching cancer story...but the family is what makes it bearable and you're right Lauren Graham is sweet adorable and really truly a fantastic sense of humor and reality all rolled into one! The tea time with the girls oughtta be a hoot and I've never seen american idol this year. But Phillip Phillips? name is Temple Phillips. Maybe we're related. My dad was a Anyway, Ellen? I hope you have a fun week. What a life, huh? Talking to the stars! So glad you have a show! I get to see it from time to time. Wierd Oprah's gone. Still can't get over that for some reason. Anyway, Love ya Sister :)