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Tedra Norwood
Name Tedra Norwood
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Hobbies watching movies with the kids
About Me My name is Tedra Norwood with three children (22 year-son, 19 year-son, & 13-year daughter, and currently separated from my husband due to mental, physical, & spiritual abuse. I left my house for safety reasons and now I and the two young ones live with my parents. I currently attend Kaplan University and I actually have one more class to complete and then I will be done with Bachelors in Human Services. God knows I can’t wait.  Tedra Norwood
Tedra Norwood
Tim McGraw Surprises Ellen's Twitter Challenge!
487 days ago

I really enjoy watching your show, so much that I noticed that one of your guests that you blessed with the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Prizes is in a commercial (sure looks like her). Ok, if you watch the AT&T commercial for AT&T U-Versa with the two little black girls having a conversation about her doll house TV service. The scene when they are all in the closet (the mother) looks just like the woman that you blessed with the four kids and her husband answered the door when your staff brought her the great News. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Tedra Norwood