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Teddy Berndt
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About Me Married in new York on nov 23rd to my best friend of 6 years. Thank you new York for making it possible.
Teddy Berndt
Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
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Can you help? I have a 17 year old niece who I adore for her personality, talent, and caring ways. Next year she will be graduating high school from a small town in Wisconsin and will be in her final musical before heading out into real world. Les Mis is one of her many favorite shows, including wicked and so many more. Is there anything you can do to help me get her signed photos from those on broadway and most important Anne? My nieces name is Alexis and while she would prefer to do for others in donating her time mission trips, helping and food drives and kitchens,I want to surprise with something amazing at her final show next year. I'm a proud uncle who wants to so something for an amazing girl next year that will make her last performance one to remember. Thank you for considering this request and being my afternoon friend. I was layed off from work earlier this month and you have been a bright spot in my days!