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Tara Ward
Name Tara Ward
Location Saint Louis, MO
Age 23
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Hobbies I have many! I love to read, I write books which Iam totally hoping get published oneday, I love music especially Eminem, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Adele :-) I love scary, funny and romantic films!! and I love nursing school!!
About Me I am Tara Ward I am 23 yrs old I am outgoing, I love adventure, movies and just relaxing trying to help my parents and I plan on going back to nursing school soon!!
Tara Ward
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189 days ago

My name is Tara Ward. I am from Saint Louis Mo. I love your show and I love you Ellen since you love animals because I do too. The truth is I have 11 cats!!!! I know right? We started out with only two. Their names are Elijah And Ginger. I adopted Ginger from an animal shelter. She is a calico.Me and my mother also got Elijah from this ederly women who could no longer take care of him. He is precious!! He is a Hemmingway He has 6 toes on each paw! Then my dad moved in with us. He had two cats, Smokey and Meow. Smokey is very lazy lol she loves to sleep and is an over round very laid back spunky girl. Smokey gives my dad a high five! Meow she is so smart. She can LITERALLY...She has this green little pillow toy, and whenever me and my dad play with her we say "Bring back the green pillow", She actually brings it back.Meow is a free spirit type of cat, she is so full of life and is loving! Then my dad had to get one more because his friend was moving and could no longer take care of this cat. Her name is Mia. Unfortently we found out where she lived at she was not getting the proper nutrition. She is a compulsive eater now because she still thinks that she won"t get that meal again...But we now keep a close eye on her because she will LITERALLY eat 50 times a day NO JOKE, and we are monitoring her because she needs to lose weight but she is a good cat very loving. Then Abbey came along. She is orange and white, she was a stray on our front porch! My mom also rescued her once, she almost got hit by a car!! Bad news...We found out she was pregnant. We actually was going to give the cats away but they were just so beautiful, so we kept them. My dad calls them by different names but me and my mom named them. Abbey had this beautiful orange and white very fluffy just gorgeous cat names Theodore, he is so loving and just BEAUTIFUL!!! he should be on a cat commercial lol. Then she had these two almost identical gray and white cats. I named one Gabrielle she has a brown spot on her arm I loved that name so I gave it to her, The other gray one is less dominent she is a little shy but loving,her name is Allie. I named her after the Notebook. Then Abbey had two more little kittens. She had a black one, he also has brown going through him, he looks so unique! Then lastly anouther daughter, she is almost identical to d her mother Abbey expect she is a bit taller and super lean, she is orange and white too, Her name is Pe'nelope. after Penelope Cruz :-) I am a student well I just graduated, but Iam going back to do nursing real soon ;-). It does get extremely hard for me and my family to care for all of these cats!!!!!! What makes me so agitated is whenever we get coupons from Purina Cat Chow it says buy 24 cans save a dollar, and Iam left thinking to myself, How can they even be a respected cat food brand, Do they even care about cats?? lol? But we manage. They probably eat more than I do. I would love to send you pics of all of them for they are the most precious souls to me and I am grateful to have 11 cats :-) We also have 2 dogs. Moo-Moo and pitler they're pretty cool, they have their own rooms love to watch t.v. and enjoy the outdoors. Love u Ellen ;-)