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Tara Dodge
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About Me I live a busy life. I am engaged to a wonderful man who is 11 years younger than myself and he has a 10 year old Son, who we share custody with. I have been on disability since 1991 due to a hip replacement followed by four re-constructive surgeries. I have a 14 year old Grandson and a new Grandson due in February. I have been known to say that I feel I have the best life of any one I know.
Tara Dodge
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
562 days ago

Since seeing Bethanny on the Housewives reality Show, I have been fascinated by her personality. I since have followed her on your show and her own reality show, and like you said, I feel as if I know her, when in fact, I am sure I truly do not. Seeing Bethanny deal with things that have haunted her from child hood into adult hood, and watching how that trauma manifested itself into almost sabotage behavior became a lesson for me. I share the same sense of humor and sometimes obscure outburst for random reasons and it was so nice to feel like I was not the only woman who said those kind of things out loud. In fact, I am certain that this behavior is release for all things evil happening around us. Or at least it is for me. I felt that she and I were so much alike and felt like each time she struggled with something, I new exactly how she felt. So many of those things were out of her control, and when they happen to you, you know how you are suppose to react, but you some how sabotage the situation by acting the complete opposite. I prayed that her fairy tale would not end, but as in my life also, we seem to almost jinx what we want the most. I will continue to follow her successes and defeats, and hope that her strength will carry her through the tough times. I would be thrilled to some day meet her and just have a small conversation to be able to say that I actually know Bethanny Frankel.