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Tanya Robinson
Name Tanya Robinson
Location Louisville, Ky
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Tanya Robinson
Win a Trip to Hollywood and Tickets to The Ellen Show
11 days ago

I would like to win this trip to Hollywood and the Ellen D show so I can meet my biggest idol of all time, and also stare into those beautiful blue eyes as I tell Ellen how she saved my life when I lost my only child..........God is good.

Tanya Robinson
Justin Timberlake Record Party
43 days ago

Ellen I enjoyed the show today.Justin is the smoothest performer around,just laid back and smooth.I want to challenge you to a dance off,you got moves but mine are better.So how about it,bring me on the show and let me show you my moves.I love you Ellen and always will...........

Tanya Robinson
Win a Trip to Hollywood and Tickets to The Ellen Show
82 days ago

I am commenting in the hopes that I get the opportunity to come to Hollywood to meet my biggest and most influential celebrity,Ellen D.Ellen is about the only person who can get me on an airplane.The greatest gift I could ever be given is to meet this most beautiful lady person to person,to simply tell her,because of you,I am here.......healthy,happy,and blessed.

Tanya Robinson
Win '12 Days' Tickets in Honor of Ellen's Birthday!
89 days ago

Ellen D. Hoping your birthday is as fabulous as you are.My main reason for wanting to join you for the 12 days give away is simply to say to you in person,Thank you for saving my life.When I lost my son I honestly did not think I would be here today.I was so mad with God I stopped praying and talking to him.God being God sent me an angel in the form of a talk show host,though their is more to the story I am alive and well today because I was able to hear the voice of Ellen when I couldn't hear anyone else.I will always love and adore you for being you.

Tanya Robinson
Jennifer Lopez, Theresa Caputo
126 days ago

It was so wonderful to hear Hunter sang Invincible today.Your support against anti bullying is such a blessing.I lost my only child and son in 2005,due to his being bullied at a school sponsored skating event.My life has changed drastically since his death,and I still have good and bad days,but I do now know blind faith does exist and I am an example of that faith.Ellen was the first person to let me know I could laugh and smile again when I thought those things would never happen again,and I will forever love her for that moment.The pain associated with losing a child is indescribable and the human heart is not equipped to sustain this amount of pain..........but I have,can,and will survive because I know laughter helps to heal......Thank you Ellen,you were my life line.

Tanya Robinson
Randy Jackson, Maria Menounos
135 days ago

Randy Jackson is a beast.I love to hear him talk.......he is brutally honest.Wishing you only the best Mr.Jackson.........Much love!!!!!!!!

Tanya Robinson
Ray Romano, Aldrich Talonding
138 days ago

A big hello to you Ellen D. Great show today,as usual.The little boy singing Dance with my father blew me away,so much Romano was so funny,he is just a natural.I look forward to the day I meet you in person,just want to know if your eyes are as piercing as they seen to be............Always know you have a Chocolate Love in Kentucky..........