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Tanya King Bergeron
Name Tanya King Bergeron
Location North Bay , ON
Age 33
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Hobbies Skydiving bungee jumping Kangoo Spin Dancing cooking
About Me I live every Day to its Fullest and if given an opportunity I always go for it..
Tanya King Bergeron
Zac Efron, Ed Sheeran and Rebel Wilson
657 days ago

Hey, Ellen

I have to say i giggled when u said you would not go sky diving and its on Zac's bucket list...

U can pass this along to him, I have gone for the past 2 years for a very special cause Facial Difference's not alot of people know anything about this cause but it is to build awareness and toto help kids build self esteem who have facial differences, between the ages of 10-18 .... The next jump is scheduled the end of July begining of July 2013 and I would love for him to come and join my team for this great cause and to forfill something on his bucket list for something that really matters...

PS ... I don't need a date with him just to have him come on out and support our team would be Amazing and if he want to celebrate with a drink later i wont say NO...tehehe... cheers..