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 tanya e  Austin
Name tanya e Austin
Location holley, New York
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Hobbies I love to sing. I play soccer and basketball. I LOVE TO DANCE:):) and i LOVE TO watch your show.
About Me Hello Ellen. I am 28 years old and a single mother to a awesome beautiful four year old son. I work as a server and looking to go to school soon but its hard cause s need to work. Your show is my son Dylan and mine fun And relaxing time together. Dylan has aprexia. It is a speech disorder when his Brian is not programming words so his motor skills are not forming words when he speaks. I so where have a strict routine everyday at home to help him. I i LOVE how you have a huge heart and do everything in you reach to help other's out. You put other's feelings before yours. Just like me. I would do anything for anyone if i could. I would pay it forward 100 times over. I LOVE your values and life lessons. Thanks you for being you.
 tanya e  Austin
Tim Allen, Kunal Nayyar
335 days ago

everyone please take ellen's words of wisdom"be kind to one another" and use it everyday to everyone you come encounter rude comment or even a dirty look could ruin a person's whole day and at the most their self esteem. please do not make someone feel worthless or disposable.we all have feelings and you may not know what that person is going by the golden rule:treat other's the way you would want them to treat you."and please pay all you blessings and good fortune forward.lets make people smile rather than cry.lets go out of our way to do a good deed.lets make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.take care!!!!!!!!!