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Tanya  (Tapeka)Brown
Name Tanya (Tapeka)Brown
Location Lawrenceville, Georgia
Age 43
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Hobbies cooking,decorating,writing,shopping,and helping other.
About Me I'm God fearing fun,loving,creative,adventurous,loyal person as a whole. i love to travel and meet knew people. I've been in the beauty business since 1993. open my first salon in 1996 in my home town St.Louis MO .i move to the state of GA 2003 coming to pursue my dream of becoming a solo artist with a single Diversity Soul by Tapeka Brown it was more challenging then i thought so i continue doing what i knew best for me financially which was cosmetology until i could get lucky and make a musical contact. so i then decided to open a salon in the state of GA. Treat's Beauty Gallery we offer full beauty services , created images a one stop shop .I also have a T shirt and spa line that i invented in 2006 along with some tasty pastries .i started a boutique in the front of my salon. marketing and sales of hair,jewelry,gifts,cloths,handbags with other vendors coming aboard. we were well on way.
Tanya  (Tapeka)Brown
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245 days ago

Hi Ellen, I love you so funny when i need joy in my life i know i can count on you! i haven't been watching much TV lately with the struggle of trying to find out why I've been feeling bad,this feeling started may of 2012. in March of 2012 i decided to sign a lease 6043 new peachtree rd suite B Doraville GA,30344 to open my salon after taking maternity leave 2009. The place was perfect to the eye not knowingly that it was a silent killer. my employee's,children,and I have been suffering upper respiratory infection,skin fungus,shortness of breath,redness eyes,lung infection, etc. being the owner i suffered the most because i was there 12 hours a day are Sept 2013 is when i finally discovery why i had been suffering with my health,the walls of my lungs were inflamed because of toxic mold found in my building .i had been extremely sick for months Sept, Oct,and Nov i wasn't able to work at all due to the illness and no one could perform any duties in this property. so i had to closed until the owner of the property find a place for use to move to. instead of her doing the rite thing she served my business with and eviction that was with the wrong address but had my business name on it. Hoping that i never receive it. luckily the neighbors told me that the paper was on their door so that i could answer it ,so i did the judge rule in the landlords favor because he consider it a maintenance issue! GA LAW !didn't give me a chance to even speak at all. i had the proof with me in court that this was a health hazard and that this wasn't even my business address.i didn't have an attorney at this time.i had to move out of the building by Nov 25 2013,with no compensation. so long story short i am now out of business have no money because i use my saving these last three months to take care of my 3 children ,i am a single parent their father is deceased .IJ kapplin company llc has tarnished my professional reputation, given me bad credit,i have over 30,000.00 doctor bills,given me bad health,and now i Have no JOB. i spoke with one attorney and he is reviewing my case. Ellen don't know what to do i feel like i was rape! my heart is broken in a million pieces.... i am a very talent person. i sing if my lungs aren't damage,very artistic,and love people. my kids great performers, all three of them. i would love to sure my world of talents with you. GOD has place several talents in me for a reason and season sincerely Tanya (Tapeka) Brown. contact info:404-343-9041 are 770-771-8167