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Ellen I have a lady who I would like to submit for an act of kindness. She LOVE you soooooo much and look forward everyday to see your show. This lady is very important to my family I share this story because many people don't ask these question and ask you to show gratitude to another. This lady took on a big responsibility raising 7 girls and 2 boys at the age of 18. This lady I speak about is my sister who we call mom, me and my twin is the youngest and our mother died a day before or first birthday which left my sister at the time 18 to take on a role as mommy. She had many options by letting family members split us up, DYFS, I'd just to defend for ourselves but she chose to put get dream aside and raised us.With little funds she manage to feed the homeless, drug addicts and all who needed a hot meal. She was like the Bug Mama: yelling at teens who walk passed and curse, pants sagging or just needing a down to earth mother figure. Pushing us to finish school go to college and still manage to get her diploma. I'm proud to say after 39 years I value get so much because she is my best friend, my spiritual sister, my blood sister and above all that my Mommy. We look forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving to spend time with the entire family but being that I lost my job I won't be able to give her a gift she will deserve although she don't care I do because she deserve nothing less. This year she's asking for a new phone being that her 6 years phone is dying it's about time and it is not much much but I can't afford it and for all she done that's the least I can do but never mind tatty Ellen can you please acknowledge her so are can know how much she mean to me, the family and the entire neighborhood.