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Tania Luna
Name Tania Luna
Age 28
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Hobbies I love being a teacher, love photography and Watch Ellen on youtube
About Me I'm 27 years old, I live with my parents and my brother. I'm single and I'm an English teacher in a public elementary school. The grades that I teach are 6TH and 5TH. I have a degree on Communications and I'm getting ready to get my masters on teaching English as a second language. I love my job and every time I watch Ellen my day its a better day. I love to sing my mother says that I have a great voice, but once again she's my mother and she loves me :D
Tania Luna
Miley's Favorite Cat Video
618 days ago

I love Miely's video cat it was so funny. I wanted to send you a link for a youtube channel called NylahKitty

the videos are awsome she even plays fetch .. the owners of Nylah are Jesse and Jeana their youtube channer is BFvsGF and prankvsprank there's lots of videos you can look and very funny. I'm from Mexico and I love your show