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Tammy Workman
Name Tammy Workman
Location Solsberry, Indiana
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Hobbies Fishing, that's pretty much it after my wreck:(
About Me Mother of two real kids lol my son is 22, daughter is 21 and two step sons one is 26 and the other is 22. My husband and I got together 15 years ago. I am now a step Mamaw. Colton is 3 and Brock is 18 months. Well my story is too long but I will say I had a bad car accident 3 years ago that has now left me disabled and I can no longer work which has been one heck of a transition for me. I am use to working and being around people. Ellen was really there for me during my severe depression and days that I really didn't feel well. She always brought a smile to my face and still does. Thank you!
Tammy Workman
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590 days ago

I was trying to fix supper for my husband while your show was on and I heard the bells go off lol I had to stop and watch to see what the crowd was about to receive and I thought I was going to cry:,( First, I saw the closet makeover which I need desperately, then the La-Z-Boy sofa....OMG, I need a couch to lay on since my wreck back in 2009 and all we have is 2 recliners and a small loveseat that I can not lay flat on:( My husband and I have priced couches and they are outrageous!!! I went to our local furniture store in November with my daughter it was right across from the court house when I paid my taxes lol I had actually found a La-Z-Boy sofa that I liked but it was WAY out of my price range. But back to my supper, I actually burnt my supper. So we had REALLY crispy fish and HARD baked potatoes hahaha:) I told my husband, "why couldn't I have been on that show?" Of course he thinks I'm silly anyway and he didn't gripe about supper.
Ellen, I love what you do for people! You make me laugh! You have made me cry! You have the biggest heart ever!
I want to wish you, your family and staff a very Merry Christmas;)

Tammy Workman
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590 days ago

I was very excited about the Coach sunglasses and the gas card hehehe but when I heard about Shania, I grabbed my computer and thought why not try. I never win anything but I LOVE Shania and she brought me good luck when I married my husband almost 10 years ago. We played one of her songs at our private little wedding, it was very intimate and sweet and he is "Still the One" in my heart;) I don't normally try to win anything from Ellen or ask for anything because I feel there are people that need things more than myself. I am pretty fortunate to have what I do have. I truly love you Ellen and everything you do for people. The thing you did for me three years ago when I really needed someone, was put LOTS of smiles on my face after my car accident. I couldn't ask for anything more!:) So thank you very much for being there!!!