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Tammy Tull-Jethro's Mom (my dog)
Name Tammy Tull-Jethro's Mom (my dog)
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Hobbies My dogs and garden.
About Me I love you Ellen- my friends, my family,and my puppies. Life is good-not without its challanges but I laugh everyday.
Tammy Tull-Jethro's Mom (my dog)
John Mayer, Eva Mendes
480 days ago

Hi Ellen- Hi John

Ellen- you are a wonderful human. I want to hug you everytime I see your heart doing and saying good things on you show. And-not in a creepy way...well you are a Covergirl so maybe alittle creepy:) Anyway...onto John

Dear John- Dear goodness John,
I feel in love with you in the early 2000's..your music and words were everything that a 20-something girl needed to survive. My body was a wonderland atleast for about 2:15 seconds during that song. Comfortable- I still play it. Anyway, in late 2004 I won a radio station skit from a Columbus Ohio radio station and earned a trip to watch you perform live at Housing Works Book Store in the Village. You were the stuff that dreams are made of. I was alittle camera happy and think that I snapped a picture when you brushed by me of your earlobe- it is skin just can't tell you what part of your face it is. Sorry about that.I hope that you keep wearing your ugly blue velvet tuxedos, grungy hair, and just stay you because your fans love you. Anyway the year that I won that skit was the same year that I lost my maternal grandparents within a few days of each other. my mom had two parents and in 11 days they both passed. That little concert that you gave at that book store and that trip laid the ground work for the healing that had to occur in my family. I know that you have big things in your life but thought that you should know what big thing you did in my little Ohio life. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for that experience. By the radio station skit was racy and trashy, but funny enough to score a free trip to NYC- and you John were the glue (and subject character) that held it all together-and I mean that in a creepy but non-threatening way...cheers and lots of love.