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Ellen, I can honestly say that I alway's haven't been a big fan of your's Especially when I found out you were a lesbian. That was several years ago, Since then over the years things have changed, My oldest son is gay, and very open about that lifestyle, he's 22 years old and he's a great normal guy and I love him dearly as any mother would, Well a year ago at this time Adam was facing death from what we don't really still know what from? He couldn't finish the semester at his school, it was at exam time just before Christmas break, and Adam god bless him has always been an over achiever he's worked as long as I can remember,put himself in community college and then on to central university of Michigan were he is today, but because of that set back a year ago he's gotten behind on his bills and has to drop out of school till he can catch up, I'm always glad to have my children home with me at anytime, but this is not a situation I would like to see him have to go through again at the same time of year , please help me keep Adam at school and stay on the right track, I don't have the fund's to make that happen, And I'm asking you to help me because I have seen that you really have a heart for people, and no matter what time of year your letting your light shine, and found the true meaning of christmas tis better to give then recieve . God bless you Ellen in what you do and have a wonderful Christmas this year, and many more to come. Amen!!