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Tammy Sanford
Name Tammy Sanford
Location Clay, wv
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Hobbies swimming, walking,gardening, watching ellen
About Me I am an lpn for20 plus years.Raised 5 kids.Am raising 3 grandkids,with help from their mom as well!Trying to reach out for someone who cares!!!
Tammy Sanford
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481 days ago

I have like forever wanted to reach you!Computer skills not too good!!They say what does't kill us makes us stronger,Well I guess I'm wonder woman!!My family has been through soooo much,but when they start messing with my kids,something has to be done.My 14 yr. old Autistic grandson needs someone to help speak out for his rights!!I just don't know where to turn.I've always taught my kids kindness,respect.To take up for those that can't do it themselves. Now the legal system has failed us!!!Please help.