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Tammy Duwe
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About Me I'm all about paying it forward.....I'm always giving to everyone else....and trying to make things easier for them.
Tammy Duwe
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531 days ago

My husband and I have recently had our niece and nephew move in with us. Their mother (my husbands sister), committed suicide January 5th leaving behind 5 minor children with no will or guardianship papers.....or assets for their future. 3 of her children are with their biological father, however, the other 2 are orphans since her death. Being placed in foster care is the last thing these poor children need, so my husband and I are taking on the responsibility. We don't have much.....but we do have love and family support to offer them. My niece is 17 and my nephew is the family support is very important at this age. The financial situation isn't looking the greatest...but at least they will still be with family.