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Name Tammy
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About Me I am a mother of three grown boys and a grandmother of two little boys and another grandson on the youngest son is in the Army and I'm so proud of all three of them..six years ago I didn't just find my boyfriend I found my best friend ..he is such a great guy..not one day goes by that he hasn't made me laugh..he's my sweetie
Message from Ellen -- Week of September 21-25
491 days ago

Ellen your not right. On your show today you said people that follow you on twitter can win all 12days..I sign up on twitter just to follow you but dammit I forgot my password and sign on name. I just knew I would forget I don't know how twitter works...I've been watching your show like for ever and been entering all the 12 days for a couple of years..but like always I'm not a winner : ( . Keep on rockin tho Ellen and I'll keep on watching your show.

Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
499 days ago

Dear Ellen
All's I wanted for Christmas is to buy for my family this year mostly my two grand babies well I did get to buy for them but with work slowing down over the Holidays they are all I can buy for. So I was stressed out..until I heard about this friend who has a friend that was told she has brain cancer the Doctors gave her three weeks to live that hits pretty close to Christmas she has three small kids 4,5 and 9 years of age these poor babies is going to loose their mom in maybe a matter of weeks. I know they don't have a lot of money for the kids Christmas .. After finding out about this all my stress went away..this goes to show you. No matter how bad you have it their is someone out there who has it worst.

Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
500 days ago

Omg I see Howie is going to be on your show tomorrow..he's my boyfriend nobody knows this not even him lol. I have always loved Howie. Keep Rockin Ellen.

You have a girl in dayton,Ohio that wants to win one of your 12 days in a really bad way..but we are half way and I haven't seen my name on your good list yet.and I really have been a good girl this year..pinkie promise

Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
508 days ago

I got this message thinking I was a winner for the 12 days..I was so excited I would get to meet Ellen and win the 12 days..but to my surprise the message wasn't what I thought : (..still time tho.. Either way Ellen .you still ROCK