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Name Tammy
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Hobbies Barrel Racing, Reading and of course watching the Ellen Show!
About Me I am a daycare provider for 17 years. I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls and 2 grandchildren who I adore. I have horses dogs and cats. I am a animal advocate for cruelty to animals. I advocate against horse slaughter activily. I someday want to own my own rescue for animals, farm animals of all kinds, also being able to be a small cat and dog rescue. On weekends, when We can afford it, we love to run barrels with our horses. It is a family function that we love to do, and we are all together which makes it special. Owning horses is a huge responsibility, and I truly beleive raising my girls with horses has kept them on the straight and narrow path. Instead of wantin to go to a party or out with friends, they can't wait to hit the road with the horses for thier next barrel race. Ellen, I would love for you to come watch them sometime!
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227 days ago

Dear Ellen, I see so far I haven't won, but here is how I see it. I hear all day and night in my head, Its the most wonderful time of the year! So therefore, I think I should be added to the list, not to mention when I am in front of your show, My heart takes off racing watching the gifts given out to the lucky audience members, but then again, you crack me up and no matter how bad of day I have, I usually have the most stupid grin on my face because of you, so if I don't win, I can still rock to the music and smile my butt off!

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456 days ago

I have a overly stressed college daughter, with tons of last minute research papers to do on top of working a partime job, She gets home at about 8:30 pm at night from her job, and sits in the recliner doing her papers and homework, but she had dvr'd the Ellen show. She watches the show and no matter how stressed or irritated she is, She laughs through the hour of Ellen and amazingly gets her assignments done! She is a True Ellen lover and So am I.
Love you Ellen,

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586 days ago

praying for a christmas miracle