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Hobbies Drawing, cooking, mudding, listening to music & chillaxing
About Me I've been with my husband 16 1/2 years and married 14 1/2 of those. I have 2 boys (age 14 & 8) who are both in sports and are basically my world. I am the youngest of 3 (2 brothers) so, I had to learn to be tough at times. I like a variety of music but mostly old school metal (Metallica, AC/DC, etc.). I have a crazy attitude at times but can be a royal "B" when need be. All-in-all, my family comes before anything I do or want.
Lady Gaga Talks About Elton John's Children
246 days ago

I'm actually glad Ellen had Lady Gaga on her show. It has given me a better view of what type of person she truly is. She seems to be an actual "down to earth" type of person and that's good to see. I do enjoy listening to a lot of her music and now, I can appreciate and enjoy it a bit more. Thank you Ellen for yet another great show!