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Hobbies spending time with all of my furry babies...dancing, singing, camping.
tami wright
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Tami Weikel Wright

45 minutes ago via GoFundMe


Elise ~ this is so awesome!

Ellen ~ would you please pass this on so that anyone who is interested and is able to donate. This is the daughter of a great friend of mine who also is my furry babies groomer. Lori & her daughter have been dreaming of building a NO KILL shelter in our home town - Rockland, Massachusetts. Thank you! Luv watching your show...helps me end my day with a great big smile!

Donate Now! Elise Soper is raising money for Help Rockland Animal League Build a No-Kill Shelter!
"Saving lives one paw at a time..."The 501(c)(3) nonprofit Rockland Animal League is working to build a Rockland Animal Shelter in Rockland, MA. This will be a NO-KILL dog