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Tami Ritter
Name Tami Ritter
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Hobbies Watching Ellen , scrap booking , iPad , playing with my animals, watching other tv shows , shopping, etc.
About Me I'm married been together for 25 years on September 24th n we have been married for 9 years on may 7th We had to make sure it was going to work before we got married I guess. We had 2 cats n 1 dog but 1 cat kept attacking the other animals so we had him checked out n they gave him some prozack so we gave him that for a week n he didn't do anything he was like a zombie So we took him back to the vet n they took X-rays n they found a big mass in his stomach it was a big tumor n that killed me to hear that When my other cat died of old age my husband talked me into getting this one Once I saw him I was a goner he was so cute he had this big musdash we got him at the humane society I was afraid to get another one for fear they would die again on me His name was Cisco N then we got another one which was a stray n was the runt of the litter n we named him tweety he slept in my purse all the time He was so cute. They were both orange n white tabby N now we have princess she is chihuahua n piccanease She has the big deer ears After all that Cisco has to get put to sleep at 7 years old almost 8 years old so sad Well I have a lot more to say but I don't think u have enough room to hear it all At 41 yrs old I had a heart attack with a stent put in ,n I've had cancer n radiation n full hysterectomy n 5back surgeries n. 2 neck surgeries 1 baractiric surgery n hospitalized several times after that surgery hernia repair surgery I think u name it I've had it after the baractiric surgery I lost 114 lbs then I had about 7 more surgeries n gained most of it back Now they want to do another surgery another fusion on my back I said no because I'm losing weight I'm almost to that 114 lbs now n I want to keep going My husband is in the hospital right now with pancreatitis n a few other things he is so over weight he want to go on the biggest loser but I can't figure out how to get him on there He needs it bad. I could probably use it to but not as bad as he could Thank u for listening to me I would love to meet u in person one day I really wanted to come to your 12days of giveaways but maybe next year. Loe u Ellen Tami Ritter