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Tami LaFave-Straw
Name Tami LaFave-Straw
Location Champlin, MN
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Hobbies Teenagers and MS... That should cover it! haha!
About Me I have a 16 year old son and a 20 year old daughter... Not sure if I need to say more?! LOL! I'm also re-married (2010) to a man who, well, I would've said back in 2010 was a "wonderful man", however I will NOW say he's "my husband" and my "friend"... Beyond that - He's simply HERE. Between dealing with my kids, my MS and the recent loss of my Mother (who my entire family (aside from my 2 kids) as well as my very best friend, confidant & the ONLY person who had been there for me no matter HOW horse-shit I'd been) so I'm feeling rather lost & not sure where my life is going from here, but still holding up ~ as ALL MSr's & children who lose their parents do I suppose?!! ;) Enough about ME... Just love the show & of course, have the utmost admiration & respect for you Ellen ~ seriously! :) I watch 'Ellen' every day (or DVR it) & always smile and/or laugh - it's my "relief", my "therapy" or my only "escape" during the week!? Yeah, I sound like a dork, but it IS what it IS?! haha! Looking forward to SO many more seasons of watching you grow, succeed & become greater and greater... Never thought anyone could keep getting better & better for THIS long Ellen, Geez - You're makin the rest of us look really BAD?! :P Thanks again for all you do and for who you are!! <3
Tami LaFave-Straw
Julia Roberts Gets Crafty
218 days ago

OMG - I was crackin' up watching you girls today (you, Julia & Julia) with Martha!! I was in bed feeling like crap as usual (I have MS, no excuse, but it IS what it IS - LOL!) and after watching your show and laughing my ass off ~ I couldn't believe the energy I had! Excellent show today and ALWAYS!! It's nice to have something fun & positive to look forward to daily!! :)

Tami LaFave-Straw
Win All of the Prizes from Day 10 of 12 Days!
585 days ago

I watch every day... Well when I'm awake (I have MS & sleep A LOT!), but if I don't catch you on at the regular scheduled time, I catch up via DVR - Sometimes I'm a few days to a week late, but ALWAYS love your show!!! You're awesome, SO entertaining, always make me smile/laugh & pleasantly down to earth!!! <3 ya!!!