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Tamara Shackleford
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About Me I love the Ellen show!!!!
Tamara Shackleford
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245 days ago

Hi Ellen. My name is Tamara Shackleford and I am writing to let you know how great of a husband I have!! He is such a wonderful man that I met when my two girls were at a very young age and he accepted my girls and raised them as his own. Through the years we both have worked to give our girls all that we could and through all the trials and tribulations we have been through we have been together over 19 years. We live in a 1979 mobile which isn't much but it belongs to us. It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It needs too much work done to it so much that it probably needs to be torn down but we are both disabled and on a fixed income and can't afford to fix it up or get a house which is what we desire to have with a fenced in back yard for our pets. Our pets are just like mine and his babies they are like children to us. Don't get me wrong our girls mean the world to us but so do our pets. My husband is a wonderful man and has been a wonderful father to my girls even if he is a stepfather to them but he took care of them and raised them as his own. We both have become disabled within the last two years so that put a stop to us getting into our 4 bedroom 2 bath dream home. It's really hard having all these bills and a car payment that we really can't afford to pay every month but we have so many drs appointments that we have to get back and forth to and this week we found out the Dr had to put him on heart pills to try to prevent him from having a heart attack or a stroke but there's no guarantee that the pills will work and I just don't know if I could live without him if something were to happen to him with his heart. He truly is my knight in shining armor. He has been wanting to take a vacation to somewhere beautiful and on the beach but being on a fixed income we aren't able to do any of these things plus we have so much debt that we got into when my husband wasn't able to work anymore and I was the only one working and we were having to fight for his disability which really took a toll on our financial situation. I had become disabled last year in 2012 when i had to have 2 back surgeries and that is also when I found out about my other health problems along with severe depression. We love your show so much and we watch it everyday and you inspire us so much when you help families like ours that are in need!! We just keep having Faith in God that He will pull us through all this and send us an angel like you to help us. We love you so much Ellen!!!! Love your show and keep paying it forward bc when we get that chance to we will pay it forward too!! Love ya, Tamara Shackleford (501-60...5-4668) that is my cell number. We love you and will continue to watch you show everyday bc you inspire us so much with your kindness and love for people!!!!