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Tamara Henry
'Naked and Afraid'
106 days ago

Awesome! Congrats to David & Jay, the pair, famous for creating Blind Date back in 1999, gave Discovery a much-needed hit in 2013 with Naked and Afraid, which debuted to 4.2 million viewers. Reality TV Trivia: Which current Hollywood Filmmaking Couple @RealityTVCouple had their first date on Blind Date back in 2005?

Tamara Henry
Run with Pamela Anderson!
280 days ago

Pamela also gave a lot to the TROOPS when she attended the first ever basketball game on a live aircraft carrier the Carl Vinson on 11/11/11 and the movie is finally coming out this Veterans Day and if she makes it there will be a lot of happy Marines and Navy Seals.

Don't miss the Premiere of this Vanilla Fire patriotic and inspirational film in Santa Monica at 11am.

Tamara Henry
Pamela Anderson on Going Topless at the Beach
280 days ago

Pamela Anderson hopefully will be making Marines and Navy Seals very happy this Veterans Day in Santa Monica. She is in the new movie The Carrier by Vanilla Fire shot aboard the Carl Vinson on 11/11/11.
The Premiere is at 11am this Veterans Day. Woo hoo!!!

Tamara Henry
Run Pamela Run
280 days ago

Pamela Anderson and the TROOPS!!
Can't wait to see Pamela on Veterans Day in the Premiere of the new movie The Carrier. The Navy Seals and the Marines will be especially happy if she makes an appearance. The Premiere will be at 11am Veterans Day in Santa Monica. Woo hoo!!