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Tamara Albanese
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Tamara Albanese
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453 days ago

I hope I have the right season...besides LOVING every time Harry Connick Jr. is favorite was "Harry Connick Jr. explains his dunk tank failure" That same year I had a baby and was laid off of work and when I saw that episode I taped it on my DVR and watched it over AND over AND over to make my day that much better, as you do make me laugh everyday at 4:00! Unfortunately my DVR had broke somehow and I LOST the episode~DEVASTATING! :( I would show the episode every time someone came over to make them laugh. I can't seem to find the FULL interview anywhere, so I am hoping instead of putting me in a drawing for the 12 days of Christmas could I PLEASE have a copy of that episode?!!? LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!! Thanks for making me laugh and bringing smiles to so many others!!