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Tacy R Hougland
Name Tacy R Hougland
Age 49
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About Me Have 2 great kids that have helped me alot. I no longer work bcause of seizures.
Tacy R Hougland
'The Mentalist' Simon Baker
457 days ago

We love this show! He is such a good actor.

Tacy R Hougland
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
485 days ago

Ellen, Hope you can help us have a happier Christmas, Love watching your show you brighen my day. God Bless you.

Tacy R Hougland
You Write, Ellen Responds!
515 days ago

Not sure I filled the app out correctly so Ill put this here. I would love to do some Christmas shopping for my son Lucas and Daughter, Jayna better not forget my hubby Bryan. Things have been rough the past few years because of my seizurs and brian surgery. We had to file bankruptsy.My kids have really been understanding from what I can remember. Can you please help me have a wondeful Christmas with them?

Tacy R Hougland
What's The Password?
518 days ago