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T.J. Lumpkin
Name T.J. Lumpkin
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Hobbies Playing soccer, watching soccer, reading, writing poetry, and listening to One Direction
About Me I play soccer because it my life; it is who I am and It is what I do. Without soccer, I could not possibly T.J. Lumpkin
T.J. Lumpkin
One Direction Takes the Stage!
626 days ago

I play soccer for Mid-City Lions FC in Atlanta, GA and during the summer, we are traveling to England to compete in tue Arsenal Festival. Once there, we will play against some of the top female teams from around the world in our age group. In addition to that, we will also be given the opportunity to train with some of the best English club trainers. This rare chance only happens to few, very fortunate people and my team and I plan on taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity. However, we need your help.
In ordee to pay for the expenses of the trip, we need to raise money. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, whether big or small. Even something as simple as relaying this message to colleagues or friends would help our cause imensely. Here are some of the fundraisee links: Thank you for your time and consideration.
P.S. I adore One Direction and becoming a Directioner has been one of the best choices I have ever made :)