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About Me I'm :-) A very nice person who likes just about everyone (except Gwyneth!) and am struggling with a recent disability and some personal problems right now but determined for my family's sake to get through and make things better. Mental attitude and LAUGHTER are very important... so thanks Ellen for the laughs and all my best to you and your loved ones, and everyone there.
Gwyneth Paltrow's Buzzworthy Body Hair
306 days ago

I would like to comment that the two negative comments about Gwyneth that were posted quickly disappeared. Thought you had integrity Ellen... and the comments about you were nice just sharing disgust here with others about you having Gwyneth on show, was posted and agreed with then vanished....there's my answer. Ellen you are as phony and sold out as she is. We don't believe it here. Sad.

Gwyneth and Ellen Ride Go-Karts
308 days ago

Ellen, I love you and humor and your lovely Portia (whom I met at a Book Signing for her outstandingly written book a while back). I like about everyone in the world but I LOATHE Gwyneth Paltrow, as does about everyone I know and for way too many valid reasons to mention. If you think you know her or are having her on because you are obligated it's really a mistake believe me! Tons of people some of whom know and loathe her as well are totally boycotting everything she is involved in (the only celeb so horrid we would ever even bother to) and we are really all upset that you have her on again and again and indulge and encourage her sickeningly selfish behavior. You are WAY too good for that. You lost a lot of respect and our admiration for you today. So sad. None of us wanted to write this but we are. There are three generations here of all different types but we gave you a pass with her up til now because she can be so phony (as we know personally) but if you still are buying that act of hers than we don't want to watch your show if you ever subject us to her again. (And we are really nice and WE dislike her SO much and loved you, now, not so much, really. Guess you aren't who you appear to be either.

Leah Remini on Leaving Scientology
317 days ago

I think she is very brave, and hopefully she and Katie Holmes will be an inspiration for others who want to leave but are afraid to. Good luck to them both!