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Sylvia Hockaday
Name Sylvia Hockaday
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Hobbies Dancing, walks, bike riding, & taking pictures.
About Me I'm a happily Married Retired NYC Correction Officer. We Just moved to Jacksonville florida. I'm a grand mother. I love bowling, dancing and anything fun. I would love to go to the Ellen show Especially when she has the giveaway shows. I always picture myself in the audience crying like I do at home while watching. But now my husband and I just look forward to having fun and enjoying our lives.
Sylvia Hockaday
Cedric the Entertainer Raccoon Face-Off
495 days ago

Hi Ellen! I really love watching your show. I love how you make people laugh and how you help people that may think things are hopeless. I'm happy I get to watch and would love to come to your show. I have requested tickets a few times but I've never gotten a call or notifcation that I had the tickets. But I will keep trying. Please don't decide to go off the air before I get some tickets. Thanks for doing what you do! You keep me smiling. Have a happy & Blessed day!